My name is Donna Jansen and I am born on March 14th 1998, with the disability of Hip dislocation and dysplasia. Despite my handicap, I always participated in sports and did everything I wanted to and was able to. I have known my whole life, that with growing up I would face more pains and more set backs due to my disability. Unfortunately, at the age of 15, I had to stop playing tennis, because I could not get back from a major surgery at 14. Two years of depression followed, not being able to cope with how my life changed, until I discovered Wheelchairtennis.


The rest is history.... Well, it is actually just the beginning. In the meanwhile, my whole life is formed around my tennis career, ambitions and goals. Since two year, I am investing in tennis in every way, besides my study. From summer 2019 on, I will be going at tennis full-time. Since January 2019, I am officially part of the Dutch National Team!


I would have never imagined life to be this great, having an handicap that will only get worse. But I love life just as it is right now, with the traveling, meeting new people, going to amazing places, traveling the world and experiencing loads. Not just on court, but growing as a person as well.



My ambitions are big, some might say too big to be real, since I am only playing for a short period os time. But I am willing to fight for what I am worth. I just want to see where tennis can take me, but my main goal at this point will be the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020, for which qualifications are starting June 8th of this year!


Wheelchairtennis is very expensive and all expenses have to be paid by myself, thinking about traveling costs, training, tournament and all other expenses. I rely on sponsorships and so I would encourage you to contact me and see what I can do for you and your company! is a webshop where you can support me by purchasing a t-shirt or sweater!

Foundation info

Foundation: Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen.

KVK/CoC-number: 67226582


Funding: IBAN NL53ABNA0514798394

Through the contact formyou can get in touch with me and your message will reach the right person!