France and the Swiss mountains

ITF Future Montfermeil, France (20-22 Oct)

A three day tournament with quite a big women draw is what I thought it would be. Luckily this was not really the case and gave me the time to focus on playing matches again, in stead of training five days a week. I was really excited, most of all when I saw that I was a seeded player in a international tournament for the first time. 


Because I was seeded, I had a bye in the first round and played my first match later on. The draw for this quarter final was the hardest I could have, against Els Verhoeven (BEL), who was only fice spots behind me on the world ranking. It was never easy against here before, but I played a very good first and was luckily to be able to reach the level again in the third set after losing the second, 6-2 2-6 6-1.


On Saturday I had to play both semi finals in singles and doubles. I had to play mi singles against Buob (SUI) and was not at all able to reach my level of the day before. Because of this, I lost the match, but it was many times a deuce game, 2-6 1-6. After this we had to play doubles together against Morch (FRA) and Levasseur (FRA). We won this match with 6-2 6-0.


Sunday was finals day, but I was still a little bumped from my singles on saturday. But I had to focus on the doubles final against the first seed, van Chastelet (NED) and Verhoeven (BEL). We were able to win this match quite convincing, 6-2 6-3. 


And so the next day, I was going to travel to Swiss, for the next tournament. With my doubles price,  YAY! My level had to be as good as on day one here, to reach a good result in Swiss, which was going to be a tough tournament. 


ITF 3 Sion Indoor, Switzerland (26-29 Oct)

After the last tournament, I was feeling a bit nervous for this one. I was hoping for a good draw in the first round, because the seeded players here were ranked 10, 17, 21 and 24 of the world. Besides this, I was still a little bothered by the way I played last tournament and not being able to keep up my level of tennis. But new tournament, new chances! 


I had a good draw against Grosswiller (SUI) in the frist round and won this match, despite playing a bad match, with 6-2 6-3. That was going to be the end of day one as well, because doubles would start on friday. 


Friday, I played the quarter final again against Lvova (RUS), just like I did in August in Antwerp. My goal was to win more games and that is what I did. I played quite okay and should have even won more games than I did, seen the deuces we had in almost every game. I won five games and it ended in 2-6 3-6. In the doubles quarter final, I played with Nalani Buob again and we had to play a swiss couple, Buehler/Rusnak and won the match with 6-2 6-1.


Saturday we had to play the semi finals in doubles against the first seed, Famin (FRA) and Lvova (RUS). They were respectfully ranked 7 and 25 of the world. For us this was quite nice, because there were no expectations to live up to. It was a pretty incredible feeling to win the first set with 7-5! Unfortunately we were not able, as a couple, to keep this up and win the match. So we lost with 7-5 4-6 3-10. We tried our best and were definitely sweeped off court and I was pretty content with the way I had played during this match. But I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed and angry that evening, because I felt like we maybe should have won that match. 



I found out how important experience is during this tournament and how that might help me start winning important points and matches in the near future. Also I can not wait to reach my level of tennis in singles as well, as I do now only in doubles. In this way I can satisfy myself with winning tournaments in singles and not just in doubles! 


In two weeks I am going to play the last tournament of the year in France; an ITF 3 in Orléans. 



Since 07-11-2016 a foundation exists, which supports me financially in my road to the top in wheelchairtennis.

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