ITF 3 AVS Santé Open Sarreguemines

Day 1 - 19th of april

Leaving at 10 a.m. with the car towards Sarreguemines, France, that was the planning and so that happened. After checking the way to drive, we got on the road and after five hours we arrived. The hotel was very nice and the room had everything it had to have. The clubhouse at the tennisclub was a tent set up and it was very cold outside as well as inside the tent, -2 degrees. There were some troubles, but using a mix of French/German/English it was solved. The draw started around 7 pm and my first match is against Nalani Buob, youth worldchampion. Draw could have been worse, since I had no ranking yet at that moment and also the number 9 of the world was participating. After this, it was time for food. The food here asked for some getting used to, lets say it was not my cup of tea ;). Now time for sleep and tomorrow my first match. 

Day 2 - 20th of april

The alarmclock did not ring very early, because my match was scheduled as the fourth of the day, so that would have been after lunch. This was changed in the morning and became the third, but still no hurry. After breakfast I went to the club, to play a little and warm up, this was needed because it was cold and the carpet here was not the carpet I am used to. The nerves were quite good under controle, because I did not have high expectations against this girl, so I was again just going to try my best. My service did not go the way I wanted it to, but even then I could get along in the match and level, 2-3 first set. After this it went down a little and my opponent played a little better, but still the points were very equally divided. I could not get a lot of games to go my way, so I lost 2-6 3-6, but I am going to bed satisfied. 

Day 3 - 21th of april

I had to get up early today, because I had to play two matches today. First match was the first round in the consolation single against the British Charlotte Fairbank. I did not play my best game, but I did win this match with 6-2 6-2. Today I also had to play my first doubles match. I got linked to Zoe Maras, who did not speak English unfortunately, but with some hand signles we managed. The doubles was played against Emmannule Morch (who had just almost beat the world number 9 in singles) and Souad Yamani. The first set was a little difficult, because we were not yet used to each other and so we lost this one. Second went a lot better and we won that one and the match with 3-6 6-4 10-8. Tomorrow semi finals doubles and singles! 

Day 4 - 22th of april

Yesterday I went to sleep at half past 12, because the doubles was done at 11 pm and I also still had to eat dinner. Today the first match was a single that was delayed to 9:30, luckily. It was the semi finals single against Marlise Peters and unfortunately I was not able to get into my own game. I was very unsatisfied when I finished the match, but I did win 7-6 (5) 7-5. Some time for rest before the doubles semi final, we had to play against the first seeded couple, Michaela Spaanstra and Charlotte Famin. We lost without a chance to win, because our opponents were a bit too good for us. The few balls that came my way, I hit back very good, but most balls went to my partner. Tomorrow the singles final, yes!

Day 5 - 23th of april

Last day, early rising, because the first match of the day was my singles final. My opponnent was my doubles partner, Zoe. I was very excited to play this match and I felt quite confident. The match seemed to go my way without too much of an effort, 5-2 first set. But than my service was not going the way I wanted it to anymore and my opponent changed her game to something that started to annoy me. Luckily I was able to win the first set with 7-5. The second set was better and the way it was expected to go and so I won that set with 6-2. I won the finale of the consolation round of an ITF 3 tournament, so I went home very satisfied witht this result and I cannot wait to play my next two international tournaments in june in the south of France! 




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