ITF 3 Loiret, France

Day 1 - 15 November

This wednesday I was leaving for France, by car, to play my last international tournament of the year in the region of Orléans. The draw was going to be that night at a partner of the tournament, in the city centre of Orléans, which is quite a mess with traffic haha.

Luckily they had not started the draw yet when I arrived. There were still some doubts if I would be seeded or not. Unfortunately I had to give my seed to the Spanish Ochoa.

I did have quite a good first round draw agains Ribeaud (SUI), whom I had not played yet, but I was driven to win my first match! 

Day 2 - 16 November

My match was the second of the day and so I had to get up early and leave on time for the club. I had to take my time to do a warm up before the match, because there were no courts available for warm up. Once arrived at the club, I found out my match was earlier than planned, because the match before mine was not being played. 


I was playing a really good match, despite the cold on court, since it was just as cold inside as it was outside. Luckily for me, i was able to put this aside and just play my game. A few mistakes were unforced, because of my enthousiasm to hit a winner right away on the return. This was unnecessary, but I was able to win more points than I lost and played quite a good match, which I won with 6-0 6-0.  

Day 3 - 17 November

Today I had two matches planned, quarter final in singles and semi final in doubles. The doubles was a semi finals, because we were first seed and had a bye because of that. It was pretty nice to be seeded for the first time in an ITF 3 and first seed as well!  


I was very irritated by singles match. I had the best draw I could have for the quarter finals, but I was not playing good at all. The Spanish Ochoa was my opponent and I was ready for this match. Quickly the match was not going my way and I was behind 0-3 in no-time. Unfortunately, this got into my head and was working against me in the first set. To be honest, my game was better than my opponents, but I was also making too many and many more mistakes than her. The second set was better already, but still not the level I could play at and was still irritated and so I lost my match 1-6 4-6. After this match I was not happy at all and found it very unnecessary to lose this match, but I had to move past this. 


My focus was now on the doubles, this was the category I had to win to get redemption for myself. I played with my partner Lvova (RUS), against Fairbank (FRA) and Maras (FRA). We were not playing a good match, but it was good enough to win 6-2 6-0. 

Day 4 - 18 November

Saturday was finals day for the doubles and this was going to be a tough match against Morch (FRA) and Buob (SUI). For a minute, I was able to move past my singles match and just focus on this final, since I knew that I was going to have to do a lot. 


This was true, since I got the majority of the balls towards me and I was not feeling it yet. My doubles partner was also not really into it and together we made too much mistakes. We lost the first set, 1-6, which does not show how the match was going so far, every game was deuce.

We changed our strategy in the second set, which was working for us and we started to play a lot better. The second set was ours and we won it 6-2. After this the super tiebreak was won by us, but it was really close at 10-8. We were so happy with this win and we played pretty good during the second and third set. 


Also very nice was the support, there were so many people watching our match! Something to take with me in my experience, as well as the referee and the ball kids. And my first ever ITF 3 tournament win! 


Can't wait to see what 2018 will bring!

©Grégory Picout
©Grégory Picout



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