ITF Future Tournoi d'Antibes

Day 1 - 31st of May

I arrived at Eindhove Airport around 10 am, to leave for Nice, France, all by myself. The next international tournament here is going to begin tomorrow. Fully packed with my two wheelcahirs, tennisbag and other luggage, I was on all ready to check in and fly alone for the very first time. After syaing goodbye to my mom, it wat time to wait at the gate untill it was time to board and leave. The arrival did not go as smooth as it had to, but I passed the time talking to an flight attendant and we made our "fanfie" :D. Eventually took the shuttle to the hotel and went to the club after, for the draw. The first round is going to be against Aurelie Sciara (FRA) ranked 181 of the world and in doubels against N. Everik (ENG) and C. MacDonald (ENG). Lets go! 

Day 2 - 1st of June

Finally it was time to play, singels match and doubles match were planned for today. I was the second match planned for singles and I felt quite good about it. On court, it did not all turned out the way I wanted it to, but in the end I played good enough to win this match with 6-0 6-1. Doubles did not go very well either, but Lauren and I needed some time to get used to each other since we had not played together before. No worries needed, because we won this match 6-0 6-1 as well! Now a good rest, because my singles match tomorrow is going to be tough, against E. Morch (FRA) ranked 2nd of France and 33th of the world. 


Day 3 - 2nd of June

The second day of the tournament was not as succesfull as the first day, unfortunately. The draw was not easy, as I knew as it had been done on sunday night, but I was focused and ready. My goal was just to see how many games I could win. After this first game, which I had to serve and won on love, my serve did was beneath the level it had to be. Many mistakes were made and so I could not play the way I know that I can. Besides all this, it was a match with many deuce games and difficult rallies and beautiful points. The end result: 2-6 2-6. Next time I am going to fight for more games, but the start was not as it was supposed to be. Doubles was quite OK though, but we still were not really playing as is we were one. We won the match 6-2 6-2 from G. Buehler (SUI) and N. Novikova (LAT). Tomorrow no matches and sundat the doubles finale!


Day 4 - 3th of June

Today was a rest day, which was not that bad with the beautiful weather here. Did some training, but not too much because of the finale that was waiting for me tomorrow. A day is quite long when you are somewhere you don't know what to do with your free time. Tonight is the players party and after that I am going to recover and get ready for tomorrow! 

Day 5 - 4th of June

Sunday, the last day of the tournament and our match was the only one planned for the day, which was a little odd. The doubles finale was going to be played agaisnt Z. Maras (FRA) and A. Sciara (FRA). Finally, us playing together went better and my serve was quite good today. The first set was not really hard and so we won this one with 6-1. Second set, we did not play good. We were too easily distracted and not really focused and so we lost four games, because we made too many mistakes. We were able to turn this around and win this set with 6-4. And so my first international tournament victory was a fact. I can say the tournament was semi succesfull.

June 5th and 6th

Sunday evening I left for Cagnes sur Mer, because the next international tournament was going to start here on thursday. For a few days already, I had some small red spots on my legs, but nothing extraordinary. After a day of training on monday, this was changed into a lot of red spots. I was bitten by an insect on my arm and this was getting reallly big and red and the spots on my legs were becoming more and more. It started to itch and I started to feel a littel sick. The doctor came to the hotel to check up on me and after that I had to make the decision to go home and recover. I was allowed to play, but I had to keep all skin from the sun, but it was over 30 degrees, so this was not a very good idea either. Wednesday morning I flew home. Now I am back to training for the next International tournaments that are in Belgium in August. Next week I am going to play in Echt in the Netherlands. 



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