ITF Future Vilamoura Open 2017

March 15th - Day 1

At 1:15 pm, after a little bit stress caused by packing, we left for Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, to fly to Faro from here. For the first time I was about to fly with my sportschair, tennisbag and luggage and this was a little difficult for me, but I managed!

A small delay had us departing a little late, but we had a quick flight and landed exactly as planned: at 6:30 pm. We (I should tell you that I am talking about me and my mom) arrived and there were my grandparents waiting for us. We were not staying at the playershome, because my grandparents have a home near the tennisclub. 

Once arrived in the house we had a little bit en now it is time for bed, allthough I am a little stressed again. I can not find the draw anywhere, so I do not yet know what time I have to play tomorrow. But I'll get up early and see tomorrow how everything works. 


Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my day again. 

March 16th - Day 2

Yesterday I went to bed with a little stress, as I told you, and that is also the way I woke up this morning haha. What a terrible night, but okay... After some calls, I found out that I had to play at 10 in the morning. It was a very rainy day, with also lots of wind, which had us calling again, if the match would be cancelled or not. My match got delayed to 1 in the afternoon and so we left on time to go to the club for my first international match ever. 
Once arrived, I got a text that my match was cancelt for the day. It was incredibly wet outdoors and the courts could be compared with swimming pools. I had some lunch there, which was amazing and then we went back home to relax a bit more. Now I will just have to wait and see at what time I have to play tomorrow and how many matches. 
The weather forecast is promising, so that is something positive. I am going to bed early tonight and in the morning I will play a little before my match to get used to the court and conditions. 
You'll hear from me.

March 17th - Day 3

Yesterday I found the site where I could see my match times, wow! I had to play at 1 against Sanna Klindt and at 4:30 in the afternoon against Alicia Edson. We arrives just before 10 in the morning, to watch some of the competition and play a little in advance.
This caused stress moment number 2 of the tournament... I thought I was ready to train, but when I attached my wheels to my chair, they did not lock. We discovered that the axes did not go far enough into my chair to lock, which was very unexpected, since I played with the same wheels and axes in the Netherlands. Not much time later, everything was fixes and I was on the court training with Carlos. This was nice, because the wind was very annoying and the courts different from what I am used to. The balls did not all go where I wanted them because of the wind and the court was very fast. After some time training I got used to it and I was reasonably able to play a little with the wind. Let's play some matches!
1 pm I was on court against the Swedish Sanna Klindt, ranked 2 in the tournament. The nerves were under control and I was excited to play! Despite the wind, everything went quite okay. The balls were blown in the way I did not wanted them most of the time, but luckily my opponent had the same problem. I was able to adjust my game to here weakness and so I won my first match with 6-2 6-4. 
4:30 pm I was on court against the Swedish Alicia Edson, again not knowing what to expect. The wind was mostly gone and the temperature was a little higher. I could not play my own game yet, which was partly because of the oppononent who only blocked the balls, in stead of hitting them. I had to get used to this way of playing tennis, but it was okay in the end, because I won with 6-1 6-2. 
I am sunburned, my whole face is red. Sun protection is already in my bag, for tomorrow! I play at 11:30 am tomorrow. 

March 18th - Day 4

Waking up to the birds singing and the sun through the window, is something I could get used to. I was just a little earlier than planned... The weather today was amazing! More than 20 degrees, no clouds, only sun.
11:30, time to get to the court, against the British Sarah Gaisford. Again an apponent I did not know of yet, but that does not mean anything. Filled with courage I hit the court. The match did not go the way I wanted it to and again I was not able to reach the level of tennis that I know I can, but my service went great. I won this match with 6-0 6-0.
Now it is evening and I enjoyed the sun a little after my match and prepared for the match for the first place, tomorrow. I play the first rankes Swedish played Rebecka Bellander (nr 50 of the world and nr 1 of Sweden). 
Wish me luck.

March 19th - Day 5

Day 5, the last of the tournament and I wake up with the sun and even more birds than the day before. The excitement of playing my first international tournament and the final is very much present, while the nerves are not. I had to play at 10:30 in the morning so I arrived an hour early, to train a little before the match. Pfoe, it is hot in the sun...
10:30 was the time, the referees chair was ready and so were my opononet and I. Five minutes playing before the match would start. The Swedish girls have a difficult playing style, which is so different from what I learn and played against untill this tournamen. The first I got behind Rebecka but I came back to 4-4, but lost the set with 4-6. I was playing against myself in the second set and lost this one, while it was not needed, if I had played the way I can, 2-6. Next time I will win this game and so I can not wait for my 'revenge' game. 
I ended my first ITF tournament in a second place, so I think I can be reasonably satisfied with the result. Now i am going back to training and next time I will be better, smarter and stronger! 
Next month: ITF 3 tournament in Sarreguemines, France!



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