ITF Tour in August 2017

ITF 3 Flanders 25 Leuven, Belgium (3-6 aug)

Wednesday 2nd of August I travelled to Leuven, Belgium to play my second ITF 3 tournament. The womens draw was quite big for a ITf 3 tournament, so the days ahead were going to be busy. I was ready to hit some balls again!


The draw was quite OK for me, since I did not draw a seeded player in the first round. Instead I had t play Peters (NED) on thursday as first match and the first doubles also with Emmanuelle against Zvik (ISR) and Awane (MAR). The singles match was reasonably good and won with 6-2 6-3. The doubles was though first set, because we were not used to each other, but we won it with 6-3 6-1. 


The next day was going to be tough, because I had to play 3rd seed in singles, van Chastelet (NED). I had to fight and was winning the match, but unfortunately my opponent had to retire at a score of 7-5 4-2. After winning a first round in ITF 3 for the frist time, I was now going to play semi finals tomorrow.


Saturday was semi finals day, in which I played really good and succeeded at some goals I had set for myself. Not everything went the way I wanted it to, but I should be happy with what I reached here. I lost from my doubles partner and 2nd seed Morch (FRA) with 3-6 4-6, but it could have gone either way. I just have to learn to play my game on important points as well, instead of letting the nerves get to me. It is all about experience... We lost our doubles match together as well, which should not have gone the way it did, with 2-6 3-6.


In the end, I can be happy with this result. I am really motivated to play next week in Antwerp. Hopefully I can keep this level of tennis going!

ITF Future Memorial Jens vanHerck Antwerp, Belgium (10-13 aug)

After my semi succesfull tournament in Leuven, I had a little setback just before the start of the next one in Antwerp. My doubles partner called in sick and I had to find another last minute. I was happy that Mariska Venter (RSA) was available and we had a lot of fun!


The draw was on wednesday and again I did not draw a seeded player in first round. I was going to play a to me unknown player, Levasseur (FRA). I went on court without expectations and won the match quite comfortable with 6-1 6-1. The doubles were not great, which was our own fault, because we might have thought too easy about it. We won 4-6 6-1 10-4.


Friday's game was going to be tough, since I lost from this woman before. I had to play Verhoeven (BEL) and went on court with motivation, but no expectations. I had good hope to be able to win, but i was being realistic and knew it could go either way. Luckily, that day was my day and I won 7-5 6-3!


Saturday I had to play semi finals, again, just like last week. First I had to play first seed Lvova (RUS). I was really excited to play, but I was playing really bad this match. Lvova won this match from me and that was just the way it had to be, seeing the match. Though I should have been able to get more games, I lost 1-6 2-6. The doubles was great and we won the semi final from Lvova and Levasseur 6-1 6-0. 


Finalsday on sunday and I had to play! I did not play as good as in doubels on saturday, but Mariska and I won quite comfortable from van de Burgwal (NED) and Peters (NED) with a score: 6-1 6-0.


Rotterdam is up next!

ITF Future Rotterdam Open, Netherlands (24-27 aug)

After all these semi finals and the first place in doubles, I was determined to get further than just semis in singles. Unfortunately, I got injured during a national tournament in my weekend off. Against all advise, I went on to play in Rotterdam. After physical therapy and painkillers I went on agains van de Burgwal (NED) on thursday for my first match.


I was in a round robin with three other women and it was going to be a tough tournament. I lost the last two matches against van de Burgwal, because I could not play my own game and went on to do what she does. Today, despite my arm, I could play quite my own game and place te ball good. I won this match 6-4 6-4.


Luckily for me, because of the small draw, there were no doubles. Though on the draw I saw that my thoughest match was going to be tomorrow already. Friday, I was playing Verhoeven (BEL). Marc was here to watch me play, but it all did not work out the way I planned it to. My arm was very painfull and I was too late with getting some painkillers. I was behind at 3-6 2-5, before they started to work and the pain got less. I was able to push around to court some more and started to play a little better. I won this match, after playing for over three hours with 3-6 7-5 7-6(5). I was so happy!


Saturday I had to play the last match in the round robin against someone I did not know yet, de Greef (NED). This girl jus started playing tennis and was only 13 years old. I had to place the ball around the court to win, because if I hit it too easily, she could hit the ball quite hard and good already! I did win the match 6-0 6-0 and won my first ITF tournament in singles!


Now it is time to rest, recover and get back on court to improve and develop again. I want to try and win an ITF 3 now! My goal for the end of the year is already reached, because I am now ranked 50th of the world!




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