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Groot Nissewaard

There were so many people and companies I wanted to thank for what they have done for me the previous years. They helped me out in ways I could not have imagined at the start of 2018! Everyone helped in their own way, with what was possible for them to do or give and I appreciate it all. I decided to organise a drink to bring everyone together at my "home" club LTC Spijkenisse and speak to and thank everyone in person. It was a great night and I can't wait to get together again. The local paper published a piece I wrote on the evening. 


Interview Sport op Voorne Putten

I brought 2018 to an end by doing an interview with a local platform SportopVoornePutten. During the interview we talked about the last year, but also the years previous to Wheelchairtennis and the upcoming years as well!



“I'm going for Tokyo 2020 and will fight for what I am worth“

Future Vilamoura Open

I made this first vlog to show you how everything works for me during tournaments. This one is made during the ITF Future Vilamoura Open, in Portugal in April 2018. I reached a spot in the finale here, but dure to bad weather, this could not be played.

Interview Uniek Sporten

In July 2017, I had the opportunity to do a interview with a dutch foundation that helps disabled children and adults. They have a platform called 'Uniek Sporten' on which they show places you can play sports as a disabled person. Also they want to show to sportsclubs they can offer programs for disabled people, without boxing them somewhere as if they are different. In this interview, I talk about my experiences in life, my sport wheelchairtennis and a bit about this platform. 

Surprise Vrienden Loterij

In February 2017, I got a surprise visit during my private training in Hilversum. A dutch lotterie called 'Vrienden Loterij' came to me with a cheque that would pay for a few training sessions with my private coach. This lotterie earns money buy selling lots and this earned money is devided over many good causes. And also they do things like these, as they did with me, as a push in the right direction. 

Besides the cheque, I got to hit a bit with Diede as well. 

Nomination 'Sporttalent van het Jaar 2016'

I got nominated as sports talent of the year in 2016. This is an election made possible by a Dutch foundation that helpst disabled sportsmen and women. After a few rounds of gaining votes, I got to the finale, which was at a gala with many buisiness men and (dis)abled body sportsman/women. Unfortunately, the jury choose someone else for the title, but it was an honour to be part of the journey.

Foundation info

Foundation: Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen.

KVK/CoC-number: 67226582


Funding: IBAN NL53ABNA0514798394

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