Clinic KRVE and Vopak

On July 11th I got to organize another wheelchair tennis clinic, this time during the annual day of the KRVE and Vopak. Again it was a great afternoon, with loads of fun, laughter, tennis and muscles aces. Talent was spotted this day haha! Thank you for the great contribution to the foundation and thank you for having me during your day and let me be part of this!

Youth event LTC Spijkenisse during OJT

On June 22nd, LTC Spijkenisse organized a cool event for our wheelchair juniors, the wheelchair juniors form Dordrecht and the participants of the abled body Open juniors tournament! We mixed up the group, so wheelchair kids had to play with abled body kids and play a few fun matches. I was honored to be a part of this event and play in a few of these matches!

First sales 'van hier tot Tokio'

The sales of the t-shirts and sweaters got along really good really fast. We started to sell quite a lot and we decided that my team would take care of shipping and delivering. Whenever I can, I will deliver them in person to see how people react to it and so this is what I did with the first delivery.

Clinic Hitachi Capital Mobility

On May 11th 2019, my first clinic was scheduled for a group of 11 men and 1 woman, all clients and employees from Hitachi Capital Mobility. This group was crazy fanatic, enthusiastic and fun to work with! They were surprisingly good at wheelchair tennis as well, I was stunned. My day was great because of these people and I loved seeing them have fun. But I was also really excited to show them a part of my life and give them a wake up call of how life can be! Thank you Hitachi for giving me this opportunity!

'Van hier tot Tokio' clothing

A really cool project was set up with Vincent Bons from We often get a remark that people want to help me out personally, but don't have the financial situation to do it. And so we decided to design a clothing line specially for my road to Tokyo. It consists of mens and women shirts and unisex sweater, with my logo on the chest and the dutch saying: 'van hier tot Tokio', which means 'from here to Tokyo'. You can support me from 19,99 EU on!


Car Branding

While I was on a tournament in the Czech Republic, my car got a makeover. It is now very recognizable due to our style now branded on the car. My logo, the foundation and my biggest sponsors are mentioned on the car. I am very proud and happy with the results!

Visit Hitachi Capital Mobility

To confirm and deepen our relation, I visited Hitachi Capital Mobility. We had a great talk and decided to broaden our partnership with a wheelchair tennis clinic for their employees and clients!


Rackets testing with Timo van Driel from Tennis Tuning

Who would've thought I would ever play with anything else than a Head racket? not me. But still I felt like I could improve my materials and wanted to see if there was anything that was a better fit. Together with Timo van Driel I played a few hours and we finally decided on the Yonex Vcore 100.

ABN AMRO WTT with Bilderberg Parkhotel

I was invited by the Bilderberg Parkhotel to come to the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament and be part of their VIP experience in their Hospitality Room, but also in their VIP Box first row to centre court. I always love coming here with them and enjoy myself, see some great tennis and get to do some networking, meeting new people! The atmosphere was great again and I want to thank them again for having me!


Interview All Sports Radio with Esther Vergeer

Together with Esther Vergeer I got to make my radio debut. We talked with Robert Denneman from All Sports Radio about Wheelchairtennis in the Netherland, being disabled in the Netherlands, the ABN AMRO World Wheelchair Tennis Tournament and my career. It was an amazing experience and I had so much fun! It is in Dutch, but if you want, you can listen to it here!


New coach: Stefan Weeda

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions in a life, as well as in a career. Traveling up and down to Hilversum and Almere for five days a week, driving my car for at least four hours a day, was getting too much for me. I got to tired to the end of the week and had to search for something closer to home. At my home club LTC Spijkenisse, I contacted my old tennistrainer from my abled body period and we decided to give it a go and see if we can get to Tokyo together. A very happy contribution to team Donna!

Christmas drink



Yesterday I had my Christmas drink for my supporters and sponsors at my home tennisclub LTC Spijkenisse, who were so kind to help me out in every way! Together with the best guests ever, we had an amazing night, with loads of laughter! I am grateful for sharing my story with the people so close to me and I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the night here!

New logo 



Together with Sander Schinkel, Graphic designer, we created a logo and style that represents the foundation. I will be using it on social media, outings and website! We are so happy with the way it turned out and I am excited to finally show it with all of you! Let me know what you think. 

Sportgala Nissewaard



It was the second consecutive year I was nominated to be disabled sportswoman of the year in our township of Nissewaard. Last year I won, but this year the honors went to wheelchair dance team Alex Glijn and his partner! I was humbled to meet Alex and his wife Jacqueline here, two great sports(wo)man!




In restaurant de Smaeck van Hellevoet I met the team from Sport op Voorne Putten for the first time. It was a great time reminiscing past days and laughing and talking. In the end, after a few hours of talking, a great story came out of it!

Sander Schinkel: Graphic Design



Today we had a great meeting with a freelance Graphic Designer, Sander Schinkel. He designed a logo and style for the foundation, website and social media and we can't wait to show you guys how cool it turned out! We are grateful to have people like Sander  in our team.


Tournamentsponsor: Iberica Maritima



For the upcoming tournament in Madrid, we were privileged to have a sponsor that was funding the tournament, so we did not have any costs here! I am very thankful that Iberica Maritima was willing to help me out in this way!


Video voor Visma Magazine



Naar aanleiding van de samenwerking die wij in maart sloten met Visma e-accounting, kwamen zij met het leuke idee om een video te maken voor hun magazine. Deze video kun je hier vinden op mijn website!

Goed Geld Gala Vriendenloterij



Through the Esther Vergeer Foundation, I got in contact with the Dutch "Vriendenloterij". They asked me to hand out a cheque on their "Goed Geld Gala". Here they divide the money earned the year before, over multiple foundations. I handed out a cheque to Yvonne van Gennip her foundation that helps sportstalents on their way to the top! 

Promotion fotoshoot with my first sponsor Etkon



One nice picture is all that we wanted to draw some attention. My first sponsor, Etkon, is a company focused on media solutions. They helped us out and did a great fotoshoot. So instead of one nice picture we have multiple! :D


Foundation info

Foundation: Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen.

KVK/CoC-number: 67226582


Funding: IBAN NL53ABNA0514798394

Through the contact formyou can get in touch with me and your message will reach the right person!