Tournament results

Dutch Championships



In the first round of the Dutch Championships I won from Marlise Peters. I played a good match, though I did lose my focus every now and then and that is something to work on. In the semi finals, I lost to world number 1, but I am happy with what I did. On top of that, my biggest sponsor Aris Doutis, from Galaxy Shipping Agency came from Dubai and watched my match!

November 2018



In November I played my last two international tournaments of the year in Loiret, France and Prague, Czech Republic. In France, I lost to world number 19 in semi finals, this was an ITF 3 tournament. In Prague I lost to the Japanese world number 10 in the second round. You can read more about this, soon in my new blog.

October 2018



After September, I took a short break, which turned out to be the exact thing I needed at that moment. In October, I finally had fun playing tennis again and reached a level in tournaments and matches, I had not reached before. My motivation was coming back bit by bit and succes started coming as well! You can read more about this month in my blog.


French Riviera Open



As you probably have read, I have been having some trouble with motivating myself to travel and play tournaments. My last tournament was not good and that did not help with the problems I was having. I was not at all looking forward to playing my first ITF 2 after Madrid. The first round was lost, though I played a decent match and I lost the final in consolation as well. I wrote a blog about my motivation problems and the tournaments in September. 


Fundación Emilio Sanchez Vicario Madrid



After winning the Barneveld Open, I was struggling to find my motivation to go on tour again. Busy weeks were ahead, with loads of tournaments and I was not really looking forward to that. As I could expect, feeling the way I did, this tournament in Madrid was not a good one, losing first round. We did win doubles, but I was not really feeling happy about this. I wrote a blog about the month September!

NRT *** Barneveld Open



In the Dutch town of Barneveld, I played my third and last tournament within the Netherlands. This tournament is always a lot of fun to play, also because it is one of the few tournaments we can play mixed doubles. Even more fun was the fact that I won the women singles main draw and mixed doubles main draw with Rutger Bakker!

Belgium tour



This year, I played three tournament in Belgium in August. The planning had two ITF 3's and a future in store for me! I lost in two very close sets to world number 26, won a tournament and lost to former world number 16, not playing my best game. It was not what I was hoping for after playing the tournament in Italy.

I'll tell more about this in my blog!


Torneo Città di Forlí



Unfortunately, tournaments cannot always be a succes. This tournament was one of them. I won my first round, which was difficult, since I was playing against myself instead of trying to beat my opponent. In the quarter finals, I had to play a Japanese woman and lost this match, with no chance of winning whatsoever... I should be able to play this level of tennis and was very disappointed about the way I performed here.  

NRT*** Rollers Smashing Echt



My second national tournament of 2018 was advancing in June. After winning the tournament in Goirle, I wanted to win this one as well. After a tight last round robin match and two good wins, I won this tournament! The doubles on the other hand, ended in third place after many tight matches.


Open Paratennis de Cagnes-sur-Mer



The second week of June, I was in Nice for my third ITF Future. It was also my third final and my second consecutive win!

Lithuanian Open



In April, I played the Lithuanian Open. This was a future and after the not finished tournament in Portugal, I was driven to win this one. And so I did!

Vilamoura Open, Portugal




The second week of April, Portugal was the place to be. I played my second tournament of 2018 here and last year this was where I played my first ever international tournament. I ended in second place back then, so this year I was rooting for the first place! I was doing a pretty good job, despite the terrible weather and reached the finals in both doubels as singles. Unfortunately, these could not be played due to severe rain and so I went home without any real result...

Torneo Alpi del Mare, Italy



Disappointing start of the season. The goal was to make it to the semi finals, but unfortunately I lost in the quarter finals. In doubles I made it to the semi finals, where I lost against number one seed. My preperations for Italy were not great, due to illnes, but I still feel like the semi finals could have been possible.


Christmas drink



Yesterday I had my Christmas drink for my supporters and sponsors at my home tennisclub LTC Spijkenisse, who were so kind to help me out in every way! Together with the best guests ever, we had an amazing night, with loads of laughter! I am grateful for sharing my story with the people so close to me and I hope you all enjoy the pictures of the night here!

New logo 



Together with Sander Schinkel, Graphic designer, we created a logo and style that represents the foundation. I will be using it on social media, outings and website! We are so happy with the way it turned out and I am excited to finally show it with all of you! Let me know what you think. 

Sportgala Nissewaard



It was the second consecutive year I was nominated to be disabled sportswoman of the year in our township of Nissewaard. Last year I won, but this year the honors went to wheelchair dance team Alex Glijn and his partner! I was humbled to meet Alex and his wife Jacqueline here, two great sports(wo)man!




In restaurant de Smaeck van Hellevoet I met the team from Sport op Voorne Putten for the first time. It was a great time reminiscing past days and laughing and talking. In the end, after a few hours of talking, a great story came out of it!

Deltaport Donatie Fonds



Many companies in the port of Rotterdam, which Spijkenisse is richt in the middle of, contribute financially tot this foundation. The Deltaport foundation chose to support me a bit as well, which we of course appreciate! 


Fonds Gehandicaptensport and Hitachi Capital Mobility



Hitachi Capital Mobility is a 1% Fairshare Partner from the Dutch Foundation that supports sports for the disabled. This amazing collaboration between the foundation and Hitachi, led to them supporting me financially in my career. I love that a company like this is involved with disabled sports! 


Sander Schinkel: Graphic Design



Today we had a great meeting with a freelance Graphic Designer, Sander Schinkel. He designed a logo and style for the foundation, website and social media and we can't wait to show you guys how cool it turned out! We are grateful to have people like Sander  in our team.


Tournamentsponsor: Iberica Maritima



For the upcoming tournament in Madrid, we were privileged to have a sponsor that was funding the tournament, so we did not have any costs here! I am very thankful that Iberica Maritima was willing to help me out in this way!


New sponsor: Massagepraktijk Jofel



We had been searching for a while for someone in our area that was willing to give me sports massages. We were very happy to find Agnes Reek via her husband and that she was more than willing to help me out in this way!

New Sponsor: Apollo Hotel Almere City Centre



We are very excited to welcome Apollo Hotel Almere to our team. I will stay here a night a week when I have training in Almere, to save a lot of travel time and hopefully energy. Thank you so much guys!


New sponsor: Casadei & Ghinassi 



The Italian shipping company of Casadei & Ghianssie are going to fund my tournament in Forli, Italy next month. Besides covering all costs here, they have also decided to become a sponsor to the foundation, for which we are very thankful!

New sponsor: Arnold Snijders bouw & onderhoud



In June we got in contact with Arnold and Yvonne Snijders, who we have known for a very long time through tennis. They wanted to help out in a way and decided to contribute financially to the foundation. This is so great and brings back memories, because they were also sponsoring the team I was playing 'normal' tennis with when I was a little girl!

Video voor Visma Magazine



Naar aanleiding van de samenwerking die wij in maart sloten met Visma e-accounting, kwamen zij met het leuke idee om een video te maken voor hun magazine. Deze video kun je hier vinden op mijn website!

New sponsor: Visma e-accounting



Visa e-accounting understood how important it is to keep the books up to date and they are going to help us by sponsoring their system to the Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen! 


New sponsor: Euronordic Agencies Belgium 



We have not sit back and relaxed and are happy to welcome Euronordic Agencies Belgium to are team, so early in the new year! We are very happy with their contribution and I am looking forward to the Belgium tour in August!


Goed Geld Gala Vriendenloterij



Through the Esther Vergeer Foundation, I got in contact with the Dutch "Vriendenloterij". They asked me to hand out a cheque on their "Goed Geld Gala". Here they divide the money earned the year before, over multiple foundations. I handed out a cheque to Yvonne van Gennip her foundation that helps sportstalents on their way to the top! 

Promotion fotoshoot with my first sponsor Etkon



One nice picture is all that we wanted to draw some attention. My first sponsor, Etkon, is a company focused on media solutions. They helped us out and did a great fotoshoot. So instead of one nice picture we have multiple! :D


Foundation info

Foundation: Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen.

KVK/CoC-number: 67226582


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