Tournament results

ITF 3 Ath Open



Despite my injury I went to the Ath Open in Belgium. I already felt a little better, because I was sleeping with a brace which made me at least sleep through the night without pain. During the day, I was able to cope with the annoying feeling in my hand better! The first round against Van Chastelet was a comfortable win, but I lost the quarter final against the Chinese Huang. In the doubles draw, my Japanese partner Shiori Funamizu and I made it to the semi final! The upcoming tournaments would follow up on each other quite quick, but I was not able to play, because I had to undergo surgery to resolve my injury.

ITF 2 Austrian Open



After Flanders I took a little time to prepare for the next tournaments. A busy period was ahead, unfortunately it all turned out just a little different than I hoped of planned! I have had an injury for quite a while, causing tingeling fingers and numbness in my hand. Because of this, I was unable to put on the performance I wanted in Austria. The tournament ended with me retiring and me traveling home again as soon as possible.

ITF 3 Flanders 25 



After a trainings period of four weeks, we decided to play a tournament with a different mindset, to see it as a training. I lost the first round in a close match against Moreno (#14), after which I lost in the consolation final to a very good Chinese player Huang. In doubles we (together with Moreno) reached the final by winning in a very good match against first seed Japanese couple. In de final we lost to the Chinese couple, that are very strong players, but again it was a good match! I am very happy with how I played during this tournament and I am confident the results will follow.

ITF 2 Tram Barcelona Open



Learn from mistakes, I did. I decided to go play this tournament only with three days of training, because I went on a vacation before. This was a bad idea! besides this, my wheels got broken on the plane to Barcelona and so I had somewhat of a chaotic start of the tournament, having to make sure new wheels were coming my way. All in all, I lost my first round in a bad macht, with loads of stress and so I had to get on in the consolation. Here I got on better and better each match, losing the final to world no. 6 Guilia Capocci, in a good match! A big thanks to my tournament sponsor Alfaship.


ITF 2 Plock Orlen Polish Open



I did not get the results I was hoping for the last two weeks in France, but me and my coach went full on motivated to the next ITF 2 in Poland. My draw was far from ideal, having to play fourth seed Morch (#26) in the first round in a long and hard match. Happy to pull through with a good third set, winning it 7-6(1) 3-6 6-1. In the semi final I had to play fellow Dutchwoman, Spaanstra (#12). Again I went down with a fight, leading 5-4 in the third set, but not able to pull through. I did get my revenge in the doubles final together with Moreno, winning this match from Morch/Spaanstra 6-3 6-3. Happy to be going home with another title, but more happy with the fighting spirit I showed on court, even though my level of tennis could have been a lot better!

ITF 1 Open d'Amiens



It was now time for my first ever ITF 1 tournament, with a full draw of 16 with many strong players. I felt good coming here and ready to see where I am at and add this to my list of new experiences. My matches haven't been good the last weeks, but that was not going to get me down. Aniek van Koot (#2) did get me down, having here as my first round opponent. Still I am happy with my performance, reaching many deuces. It is too bad I only won two games, but still enjoyed this match to the fullest.

ITF 2 Open de Vendee



This years schedule is filled with more ITF 2 tournaments. The next one in France it was only me, without my coach. And I felt like I missed the support, which apparently I needed at this point. This was already a sign that I was not feeling great this week and this showed on court. Losing the first round in a terrible match, against a really good playing Lvova (#16). In the consolation I played a decent first round and lost semi's against Spaanstra (#11), but played a good match with fighting for my points. It ended 6-2 6-0, but it could have been way closer, seen the many deuces we got to in each game. In the end I went home, not feeling the way I should've...

ITF 3 Megafon Dreamcup



After four spots in the last four finals in futures, I was feeling ready to hit the higher stage at the next ITF 3 tournament in Russia. Together with my coach we traveled here and saw me play a very good first round match! We were happy to see mee on court like this, after the debacle we went through in England. In the quarter final I lost to Funamizu (#22) in a very close three set match, which could have gone either way. I fought for what I was worth and because my level of tennis was not great, all that was left was fight for every ball. On to the next one :)

ITF Future Vilamoura Open



I went to Portugal feeling good. I reached two finals the week before and was traveling with a win in my pocket. I was very motivated to win in Portugal, because I reached the final here twice before, from which one I lost and the other was not played because of bad weather. This year was my year. And so I went home after the week with a singles titel and doubles final spot!

ITF Future Karvina Indoor



After a mentally tough tournament in Bolton, I had a few weeks of training scheduled. I needed this, because I was not feeling it at all. I started to fear playing tournaments and matches and felt no confidence in my game. After this period of training, it was all getting better again and so I went to the Czech Republic for the next future tournament. I reached the final in singles, after winning a good match against Bellander (#46), but had to retire due to some pains caused by the minor surgery I had two weeks before. We did win the doubles final and so I went home with a title!

ITF 2 Bolton 



After Wrexham, I went straight on to Bolton. Without my coach this time. My preparation for this tournament was not what I expected it to be, due to many different circumstances. I lost the first round, leading it 6-1 5-2, but my head was not at the right place. In the consolation I reached the final, after two decent wins, where I got my ass whipped by Aniek van Koot (#3). 

ITF 3 Wrexham Indoors



Finally! Time for the first international tournament of 2019, together with my new coach Stefan, we went to Wrexham, Wales. The changes I made at the beginning of the year brought my mind to peace, but my game was feeling a bit weary. I was not feeling the matches I played here at all and lost the quarter final against Hunt (#20). We did made it to the semi final in doubles, which was fun. I do want to thank my great tournament sponsor for getting me here: Casper Shipping.


Dutch Championships



In the first round of the Dutch Championships I won from Marlise Peters. I played a good match, though I did lose my focus every now and then and that is something to work on. In the semi finals, I lost to world number 1, but I am happy with what I did. On top of that, my biggest sponsor Aris Doutis, from Galaxy Shipping Agency came from Dubai and watched my match!

November 2018



In November I played my last two international tournaments of the year in Loiret, France and Prague, Czech Republic. In France, I lost to world number 19 in semi finals, this was an ITF 3 tournament. In Prague I lost to the Japanese world number 10 in the second round. You can read more about this, soon in my new blog.

October 2018



After September, I took a short break, which turned out to be the exact thing I needed at that moment. In October, I finally had fun playing tennis again and reached a level in tournaments and matches, I had not reached before. My motivation was coming back bit by bit and succes started coming as well! You can read more about this month in my blog.


French Riviera Open



As you probably have read, I have been having some trouble with motivating myself to travel and play tournaments. My last tournament was not good and that did not help with the problems I was having. I was not at all looking forward to playing my first ITF 2 after Madrid. The first round was lost, though I played a decent match and I lost the final in consolation as well. I wrote a blog about my motivation problems and the tournaments in September. 


Fundación Emilio Sanchez Vicario Madrid



After winning the Barneveld Open, I was struggling to find my motivation to go on tour again. Busy weeks were ahead, with loads of tournaments and I was not really looking forward to that. As I could expect, feeling the way I did, this tournament in Madrid was not a good one, losing first round. We did win doubles, but I was not really feeling happy about this. I wrote a blog about the month September!

NRT *** Barneveld Open



In the Dutch town of Barneveld, I played my third and last tournament within the Netherlands. This tournament is always a lot of fun to play, also because it is one of the few tournaments we can play mixed doubles. Even more fun was the fact that I won the women singles main draw and mixed doubles main draw with Rutger Bakker!

Belgium tour



This year, I played three tournament in Belgium in August. The planning had two ITF 3's and a future in store for me! I lost in two very close sets to world number 26, won a tournament and lost to former world number 16, not playing my best game. It was not what I was hoping for after playing the tournament in Italy.

I'll tell more about this in my blog!


Torneo Città di Forlí



Unfortunately, tournaments cannot always be a succes. This tournament was one of them. I won my first round, which was difficult, since I was playing against myself instead of trying to beat my opponent. In the quarter finals, I had to play a Japanese woman and lost this match, with no chance of winning whatsoever... I should be able to play this level of tennis and was very disappointed about the way I performed here.  

NRT*** Rollers Smashing Echt



My second national tournament of 2018 was advancing in June. After winning the tournament in Goirle, I wanted to win this one as well. After a tight last round robin match and two good wins, I won this tournament! The doubles on the other hand, ended in third place after many tight matches.


Open Paratennis de Cagnes-sur-Mer



The second week of June, I was in Nice for my third ITF Future. It was also my third final and my second consecutive win!

Lithuanian Open



In April, I played the Lithuanian Open. This was a future and after the not finished tournament in Portugal, I was driven to win this one. And so I did!

Vilamoura Open, Portugal




The second week of April, Portugal was the place to be. I played my second tournament of 2018 here and last year this was where I played my first ever international tournament. I ended in second place back then, so this year I was rooting for the first place! I was doing a pretty good job, despite the terrible weather and reached the finals in both doubels as singles. Unfortunately, these could not be played due to severe rain and so I went home without any real result...

Torneo Alpi del Mare, Italy



Disappointing start of the season. The goal was to make it to the semi finals, but unfortunately I lost in the quarter finals. In doubles I made it to the semi finals, where I lost against number one seed. My preperations for Italy were not great, due to illnes, but I still feel like the semi finals could have been possible.

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