We are still looking for sponsors who are willing to help me on my road to the top!

Wheelchairtennis has been my passion since the day I started it, but unfortunately it is a very expensive sport to practise. I have to pay for all my travels, tournaments and training myself, which I cannot of course. We do now have a foundation for all funds coming in, that will all be used to help me further in my career!  The road to the top and my goals is too expensive to pay for myself and so I have to rely on sponsorships to help me get there! We appreciatie everyone and their gifts and we hope you might want to contribute too! Get in touch with us.



I want to thank my anonymous sponsors as well for their contribution!

Foundation info

Foundation: Wheelchair Tennis Foundation Donna Jansen.

KVK/CoC-number: 67226582

Email: info@donnajansen.com

Funding: IBAN NL53ABNA0514798394

Through the contact formyou can get in touch with me and your message will reach the right person!